With overwhelming praise from doctors around the world and an impressive list of wide-ranging health benefits, it’s not surprising that probiotics have exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry seemingly overnight. After all, these amazing little microbes have been shown to help the body absorb more nutrients, improve digestion, boost immune support, relieve gas and constipation, and a whole lot more.

Although anyone can benefit from probiotics, they’re especially vital for women, who are more prone to increased yeast counts in the gut and require unique feminine health needs.

Reliable Protection Against UTIs and Bladder Infections

Although many women are unaware, bad bacteria can travel from the gut into the vaginal tract and bladder. In fact, urinary tract infections are often associated with a major imbalance in gut flora.

This is also the same route friendly bacteria take, which makes probiotics highly effective at reducing the occurrence of UTIs and other bladder infections, which are normally treated with prescription antibiotics.

Although antibiotics do cure these infections, they wipe out all your healthy bacteria along with them. This is also true for antibiotics used to treat vaginal infections.

Instead of killing your friendly bacteria, probiotics work to repopulate positive flora and, once balance is restored, make it much more difficult for harmful bacteria to colonize.

Decreased Risk of Yeast Infections and Vaginitis

A woman’s vaginal health is directly impacted by the microflora population in her vaginal tract, which is delicate and fluctuates greatly from month to month.

Without probiotic supplements to normalize this easily disrupted flora balance, your chances of getting a yeast or bacterial infection essentially become a game of Russian roulette.

To prevent bad yeast from taking over when microflora counts are low, it’s crucial that women take a daily probiotic to promote positive gut flora – especially if they consume an alkaline-heavy diet.

Weight Loss, Hormone Regulation, Enhanced Mood and More

If you drink soda (yes – even diet soda!), indulge in sweets or routinely eat foods that contain sugar, you’re creating an environment bad gut yeast thrive in – and giving them everything they need to quickly upset the balance of good yeast in your digestive tract.

Once these baddies multiply and begin snacking away on your “good guy” bacteria, your body starts building up fat around your waist and over your tummy. This can lead to rapid weight gain, especially in women.

Because probiotics help restore the bacterial balance in your digestive system, many users report weight loss as an added effect.

Studies have also shown probiotics to regulate estrogen levels, reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer, help prevent osteoporosis and improve mood.

How to Choose the Best Probiotic for Women

Although a general probiotic is a fantastic way to improve your digestive and overall health, you should always select a probiotic that’s specifically designed for women. These are specifically formulated to regulate vaginal pH levels, fight infections and alleviate discomfort caused by feminine imbalances.

When researching probiotics for women, make sure the supplement has a high CFU count – “Colony Forming Units” – contains strains of L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus (though, more strains are better), and comes in delayed release capsules to ensure microbes aren’t destroyed in your stomach acid.

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