The primary functions and benefits of vitamin C or ascorbic acid are maintaining the tendons and ligaments as well as other supportive tissues in the human body. Ascorbic acid is well known to be an antioxidant, which helps in regulating the blood cells and prevents them from being deformed due to airborne toxins, and therefore helps prevent certain causes of cancer.

Another important function of vitamin C in the body is its role in the formation of collagen. Collagen which is in a form of protein is responsible for keeping the cells in the body together. The role of ascorbic acid in the body is not limited to that, in fact, there are even more functions that this world-famous vitamin can offer.Vitamin C is needed for the proper absorption of iron. It is also needed to form endurance, vitality, and buoyant health. Most of the functions of organs and glands are also affected by vitamin C intake, as well as in maintaining the proper function of adrenal and thyroid glands and maintenance of the bones. It also helps in revitalizing the skin as well as making the gums and teeth stronger. It is also needed to hasten the process of natural healing by the body and is a big help in controlling all forms of physical and mental stress.

People with an ascorbic acid deficiency often have soft gums, capillary weakness, anemia, skin hemorrhages, and slow sore wound healing. Also, people who lack vitamin C tend to age faster and the body’s resistance to infections is very low.

It is also found that the result of toxic effects like drugs and environmental poisons is enhanced in the body if it lacks vitamin C. Mild ascorbic acid deficiency can result in fatigue and muscle pains, while longer deficiency may result in scurvy which is a very dangerous disease. Scurvy can lead to spots of livid formation on the surface of the skin, bleeding in mucous membranes, and spongy gums. It is recommended to take up to 1000 mg of ascorbic acid daily to make sure that our body can receive all the benefits from it. However, some people are unaware of this nutrition fact and tend to lack the recommended daily vitamin C intake

Vitamin C is present in different fruits and vegetables but sometimes the amounts aren’t enough, especially when they are cooked. Taking Vitamin C supplements is a great way to make sure that the required daily amount is met. Boost your Overall Immune Health!