How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Everybody wants to have healthy skin that stays youthful throughout the years of aging. Skin health is a whole science of its own and it’s not easy to know what helps and what doesn’t.

Easier tips for how to keep your skin healthy

1. Hydration

Drinking enough water throughout the day is what makes your body and skin hydrated. It helps the skin to stay healthy, firm and moisturized. At least 8 glasses of pure water is recommended to drink each day, and more if you exercise.

2. Nutrition

Maybe it’s not what you think about when you look at your skin, but it is the inside that determines if your skin looks good or not. If you lack nutrients in your body you won’t be able to build healthy skin. Eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of vitamin and mineral dense foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and take a whole foods vitamin supplement.

3. Detoxification

If you haven’t always led a very healthy life then it’s quite likely that you have toxins stored in your body which can affect the health of your skin. By detoxifying your body you can get rid of acne, skin irritation and dryness, and get healthier, clearer skin.

4. Relaxation

Stress causes more issues in the body than you might be aware of. For example it can make your skin age prematurely, or it can make your hormones unbalanced which can lead to acne or other issues. Make sure you don’t go around feeling stressful all the time. Take time to do things that relax you, like taking a walk, meditating or Cooking – as long as it makes you slow down and unwind.

5. And Natural Skin Care

If you choose to use natural skin care products then you avoid all of the chemicals in regular creams. What’s wrong with those chemicals, you might wonder? Firstly they can cause irritation and dryness. Secondly they can make your skin age prematurely. And thirdly they aren’t all that effective, there are many natural substances that are much more powerful, but not used as they’re not as cheap as manmade chemicals.

6. Cleanse

Keep your soap bar strictly for your body which needs all the harshness of the detergents to get rid of dirt and germs. When it comes to your face, you need to go gentle and that’s what a facial cleanser does. It is specifically designed for the skin on your face, thus making it free of harmful substances such as detergents, soaps and fragrances. A good cleanser foams and washes away dirt without ridding the skin of its natural oils. Use twice a day-before shaving and before sleeping at night. Cleansing your face before going to bed is essential as the skin goes into restoration mode in the night. There are two types of cleansers – foaming cleansers and cream cleansers. Foaming cleansers are great for removing excess oils while cream ones get rid of only dirt and are good for dry skin.

7. Exfoliate

It’s not over yet. If you think that by getting rid of the dirt on your face you’ll be beaming with natural radiance, you couldn’t be more mistaken. The skin’s surface builds-up a superficial layer of dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and lifeless. With exfoliation, the dead cells are gently removed and it helps the skin to absorb external nutrients that leads to healthy-looking skin. For sensitive skin, use non-abrasive formulas. Do not use your body scrub on your face and never exfoliate the immediate area surrounding your eye as a scrub is too harsh for the delicate skin around the eyes. An exfoliating scrub with fine grains used once a week is going to give your face a vibrant look.

8. Moisturize

Lotions and Creams are great moisturizers which impart antioxidants to your skin. While a lotion is good for normal skin, dry skin would need more of oils that are contained in creams. One of the best advantages of moisturizing your face is preventing the signs of aging. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then choose a moisturizer that is free of fragrance and hypoallergenic.

9. Awareness

Skin-care products such as facial cleansers, exfoliates and moisturizers can be picked up from any up-market department store, spas or at a dermatologist’s. However, each of them has several products that are specific for certain skin types for maximum results. So choose carefully and combat bad skin with the right ones. Be aware of exactly what your skin requires before starting any regimen.

Normal: if you don’t have any particular skin issues, then this is the skin type you have. You might have slightly dry skin in places and slightly oily elsewhere. All you need is a good cleanser (a foaming one), a toner and a moisturizer with antioxidant protection.

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