When a UTI strikes, it can feel like there’s no end in sight for the awful burning, pain and discomfort that plague your urinary tract.
Improperly treated, urinary tract infections can cause permanent kidney damage and even life-threatening sepsis (blood poisoning). This occurs when harmful bacteria move past your bladder and urinary tract, and into the kidneys–causing some seriously nasty problems for your body.

But before you lose hope, there’s good news: UTIs can be prevented!

Studies have shown that in addition to drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding irritating feminine products such as powders and douches, taking a daily cranberry supplement can help stop UTIs from occurring in the future.

Thanks to its incredible anti-adhesion properties that prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder, cranberry makes it harder for e. Coli and other harmful bacteria to ever take root in your urinary system.

That means no more costly trips to the doctor, expensive rounds of antibiotics, or decreased immune system health!

Cranberry Pills for Men: Prevent UTIs and Alleviate Jock Itch

Because men are also susceptible to urinary tract infections, they too can benefit from a daily cranberry supplement.

But did you know that cranberry has also been known to relieve jock itch? This is due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties and excellent source of Vitamins E and C, which help reduce inflammation and restore your skin’s natural pH balance.

So, if you’re an athlete or are frequently exposed to moisture, heat or tight clothing in the groin area, consider picking up a cranberry supplement to prevent and avoid the itch!

Keep Your Kidney, Digestive and Oral Health in Optimum Shape

Although cranberry is best known for its UTI-fighting properties, it’s been known to provide an array of other positive health benefits that support antioxidant and immune health.

Kidney problems? Cranberry may help improve kidney detoxification and help stop kidney stones from occurring by preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria in the kidneys.

Because of these superb anti-adhesion properties, it’s also been known to prevent plaque buildup on the teeth and reduce inflammation in the gums.

As an added health benefit, taking a regular dose of cranberry can help maintain your digestive health and reduce the risk of inflammation occurring in the stomach.

For such a small fruit, cranberry sure does pack some extraordinary health benefits!

Prevent Dreaded UTIs with Our 50:1, Triple-Strength Cranberry Concentrate Supplement

Our ultra-strength Cranberry Concentrate formula is one of the strongest on the market and contains the equivalent of 12,600mg of fresh cranberry. That’s 36 glasses of cranberry juice!
If you suffer from chronic UTIs or even the occasional infection, a cranberry supplement could be all you need to make painful UTIs a thing of the past.
Our cranberry concentrate comes in easy-to-swallow softgels, contains absolutely no fillers and is fortified with Vitamins C and E.

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